Great things about Yogurt - Using Yogurt in Recipes, Do-it-yourself solutions and wonder Treatment



What is yogurt? How is it made? Why and just how could it be beneficial?


Yogurt also known as curd can be a thick, custard or pudding-like food, produced by the natural bacterial fermentation of milk. The process of rendering it involves culturing cream or milk with live and active bacterial cultures; this is accomplished by adding bacteria right to the milk. Commercially, it really is constructed with a culture of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilis (names with the bacteria used in the creation of yogurt).

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There are several kinds (plain and flavored) yogurts perfectly located at the supermarket currently.


It is also easily made at home by heating the milk to some somewhat more that luke warm (say 45°C) and adding somewhat (1 Tbsp) of yogurt into it. Stir and it undisturbed inside a warm spot for 6-7 hours or until set. If however you don't have any in your house, you should buy yogurt culture packs from the supermarket and refer to the manual given, to make a wonderful yogurt in your house.


What makes curd very helpful will be the live cultures. Active live cultures are simply good bacteria which might be needed for your body to perform at its best. These friendly bacteria steer clear of the growth of viruses that induce bacterial infections and diseases. Eating curd regularly may help reinstate your good bacteria levels.


Yogurt is the best and nutritive dairy alternative for everybody who is lactose intolerant, as the live culture within it decreases the amount of lactose.


Yogurt / Curd and Health


There are numerous techniques yogurt is useful - the friendly bacteria are friendly indeed!


1) Friendly bacteria promote digestive health insurance improve the body's defence mechanism. Curd With Active Cultures Helps the Gut.


2) Yogurt with active cultures can help certain gastrointestinal conditions like irregularity, diarrhea, colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

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3) Good bacteria prevent imbalances from the body's yeast levels, which may prevent various types of infections.


4) Prevents urinary tract infections.


5) If you are taking antibiotics, they may be destroying the excellent bacteria present in your system. Eating yogurt regularly might help reinstate your good bacteria levels.


6)Prevents Osteoporosis


7) It's also an excellent source of protein, which assists give the body energy to keep you going the whole day. Proteins are a necessary foundation for a lot of systems by the body processes, in addition to your muscles. Protein is also great for curbing your appetite and assisting you to feel full much longer of time.


8) May Prevent High Blood Pressure.


How you can incorporate Yogurt with your diet program


* Eat Yogurt being a dessert - Chop your favorite fruits in the yogurt, include a little honey or sugar and eat it chilled.


* Eat Raita (a yogurt dip) - Add fruits and veggies or vegetables towards the yogurt, flavor it with seasonings and eat it as well as your food.


* Replace your family mayonnaise having a yogurt based healthy mayonnaise.


* Enjoy cool Yogurt shakes or Lassi - Blend together yogurt, sugar, ice and mango (some other fruit or none in any way). Calm down on the summer afternoon.


* Eat natural yoghurts because it is. You should not add almost anything to it. A bowl of zero fat curd in perfect shape, filling and occasional in calories.


* Utilize it within your cooking - Instead of adding cream, add yogurt to produce your curries and stews. Every time they visit the meal creamy and taste wonderful.


Yogurt based home cures


1) Having Indigestion? Don't fret. Address it with Yogurt.

Yogurt fix for Indigestion or heaviness in stomach.




Mix ¼ teaspoon pepper powder, ¼ teaspoon of roasted cumin (jeera) powder to some glass of diluted yogurt (1/2 yogurt and half water). Have this 1-2 times a day.


2) To Subside Heart Burn


Take 1 tsp fenugreek seed (methi daana) powder along with diluted yogurt (1/2 yogurt and 1/2 water) two times a day for a few days.


3) To help remedy diarrhea


Crush 8-10 curry leaves (curry patta). Mix using a cup of diluted yogurt and have 2-3 times each day.




Mix One teaspoon Isabgol (Psyllium seed husks) in 1 cup yogurt and eat.




Eat only yogurt and boiled rice stay.


Topical purposes of yogurt


* Cure your pimples and acne.


* Cures dandruff and itchy scalp.


* Treats dermititis and removes blemishes.


* Use yogurt to get a soft, clear and supple skin.